Best Free Government Cell Phone Companies With Plan 2022 (2023)

Many of us cannot imagine working without a mobile phone. While we might fail to appreciate that we can communicate with our loved ones and even access emergency services, it’s a different case for low-income families. Mobile phones and cell phone services are usually out of reach because of their high cost. But thanks to the Lifeline Assistance program, you can now get a free government cell phone along with cell phone plans, if you cannot afford them. The Federal Lifeline program supports disadvantaged individuals and households by subsidizing phone services. Both Link-UP and Lifeline are programs of the Federal Government that assist with free phones for low-income citizens.

The FCC through the government has been providing impoverished people with discount landline services for years. Today, however, cell phones are the primary means of communication. Transformations in the program mean less fortunate Americans can now sign up for free phone services, government free cell phones, or both. Even though most citizens call them Obama phones, it is a misleading term because the routine dates back to the George W. Bush administration.

Regardless, the initiative is still active, and you can apply for a government phone if you meet the eligibility criteria. There are plenty of free phone food stamps beneficiaries, for example, who qualify for a free government cell phone through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP.

The first thing in establishing your qualification for government free cell phones is to find out if there is a Link-Up service provider in your region. The participating Lifeline Assistance wireless companies aren’t available in all areas, with total coverage of forty states.

If you are in the Lone Star State, for instance, you can sign up for the program with three of the large US carriers, providing service in about 36 states. We are going to cover everything you need to know on how to get free phones from the government. We’ll show you how to apply, how the program works, who qualifies and even mention some of the best Link-Up companies.

Table Of Contents

  1. Free Government Cell Phone: Everything You Need To Know
  2. How The Lifeline Assistance Program Works
  3. How To Qualify For A Free Government Cell Phone
  4. The 10 Best Free Government Cell Phone Companies Plan
    • 1) Assist Wireless
    • 2) Assurance Wireless
    • 3) Easy Wireless
    • 4) StandUp Wireless
    • 5) enTouch Wireless
    • 6) FeelSafe Wireless
    • 7) Life Wireless
    • 8) Q Link Wireless
    • 9) Safelink Wireless
    • 10) Tempo Wireless
  5. How To Change Lifeline Companies
  6. How To Replace A Lost Lifeline Company
  7. The Bottom Line
  8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Free Government Cell Phone: Everything You Need To Know

The Federal Communications Commission has been running the Lifeline Assistance program since 1985. The initiative design aims at ensuring equal access to phone services for all citizens. It explicitly caters to the needs of disadvantaged persons and households who are unable to afford a cell phone or mobile plan.

The project provides up to $9.25 every month to each qualifying candidate for wireless services. Lifeline also offers internet service to eligible Americans at the same monthly rates. You can qualify for the free government phone financially, or be a beneficiary to other government-led initiatives like Medicaid or SNAP.

Only a select group of wireless carriers, such as Safelink and Q-link Wireless provide low-cost service and free phones via Lifeline, hence the name Link-Up companies. Besides, most Lifelines are regional wireless providers, save for the major mobile Telcoms that are available in almost thirty-six states.


Before you apply for a free government phone, it’s advisable to know which participating Lifeline company offers services in your state. Should you qualify for a free phone from the government, the company will not ask you to pay monthly service charges, connection fees, down payment, or sign an annual agreement. However, you must observe the program’s yearly certification arrangement to maintain your service. Furthermore, some Lifeline Link-Up operators offer free smartphones.

Note that it is not mandatory for these companies to provide smartphones. While it’s a wise move to keep up to date with the latest tech, each provider determines the kind of phone to give a beneficiary. Some carriers offer inexpensive older handsets when you apply for a free phone. Moreover, other LifeLine providers have android smartphones and iPhones, along with BYOP options.

How The Lifeline Assistance Program Works

Every qualifying person will get a free government cell phone or smartphone with free talk-time, data, text messages, and hot spot data. Nevertheless, the offer varies depending on the company and your state. Therefore, you’ll want to find a phone provider with the best benefits. It is also advisable to look for a Link-Up operator with an excellent customer service record. Like regular cell phone companies, Lifeline wireless services have varying levels of customer support, playing a significant role in a customer’s overall experience.

The Universal Service Fund finances the program so that you don’t have to worry about making payments once you qualify. You are likely to be eligible if you receive government help or participate in one of the government poverty initiatives. Interested citizens can receive a free government cell phone through the following steps:

  1. Find a participating Lifeline Assistance wireless company in your state.
  2. Complete the provider’s application form on the internet or via mail
  3. Attach your proof of identity
  4. Provide evidence of your income through payroll stubs o submit an endorsement letter from a government agency.
  5. Wait for the company to approve your application.
  6. Receive your free government mobile phone via mail

You’ll find it easy to apply for the service if you meet the program income qualifications. All you have to do is include your payslips or tax forms in your application. You can scan the documents for attaching to your online application. Those who qualify through receiving government aid must have a letter from the relevant agency.

However, you should expect to find some variations according to your state. Lifeline Assistance has these rules in place to prevent abuse and fraud within its service. Note that you must recertify your eligibility for the program annually to keep your plan active.

How To Qualify For A Free Government Cell Phone

You must first determine if you are eligible for a free government cell phone through the United States Poverty Guidelines before signing up. You are probably asking, “What is the poverty guideline and where does it feature in receiving a free cell phone?” Well, Lifeline Assistance is a government initiative that establishes one of the eligibility criteria via a household’s gross family income.

The program considers persons living in the same dwelling to be a household. It means you do not have to be family members to qualify as a household. The total household income should not exceed the federal financial requirements by 135% to be eligible for the plan. Note that your state and household size may also determine your eligibility. If you plan to qualify for this scheme financially, you must provide income evidence.

Here’s a breakdown of FCC income guidelines:

  • $14702 per year per individual
  • $19859 per year for a two-member household
  • $25016 per year for a three-member household
  • $30173 per year for a four-member household

Note that the gross family income increases by $5157 for each additional household member. For example, a five member household should not have an annual income of more than $35330 to qualify for this program. Furthermore, you will need to show proof of residence in the United States before getting Lifeline approval for a free government cell phone with free monthly service.

Along with income based qualification, Lifeline Assistance is also open to citizens who take advantage of these government aid programs:

  • The home energy assistance initiative for low-income families or LIHEAP
  • TANF or Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
  • Supplementary Nutritional Assistance Program or Food stamps
  • SSI or the Supplemental Security Income
  • Section eight of the public assistance housing program
  • NSLP or National School Lunch Program
  • Medical Aid or Medicaid

In the above instances, you will have to provide supporting documents to show that you receive help from the relevant government aid program. It is also vital to know the initiative rules. For instance, not every family member will get a free government cell phone. Lifeline Assistance limits offer to one free device for each household. Besides, the phones are not necessarily smartphones, although beneficiaries will get up-to-date models.

The application process varies from one state to the next. In some regions, consumers get to sign up by phoning their local Link-Up providers while other states let third parties, like community based organizers to assist with the paperwork.

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In addition, other states allow the FCC to take care of the paperwork. The Lifeline Assistance project is nothing short of wonderful for those who join it. It is particularly helpful to subscribers suffering from various illnesses as it offers a security blanket, allowing them to call for assistance during emergencies.

The 10 Best Free Government Cell Phone Companies Plan

Best Free Government Cell Phone Companies With Plan 2022 (1)

The free government cell phone program is available in nearly all US territories. When finding a provider, it’s best to confirm if they offer services in your state before you proceed to sign up on their website. Most Lifelink companies provide multiple ways for consumers to register, including regular mail, online, and through email. Remember to show proof of income or financial status as you apply.

The following wireless carriers all provide free devices with cell phone plans under the Lifeline program. Nevertheless, some of the companies are more prominent than others, with QLink, Assurance, and Safelink Wireless being the most popular Link-Up operators.

Here are details for the ten best Telecom companies that work with Lifeline Assistance to offer free cell phones and increase free monthly talk-time.

1) Assist Wireless

Assist Wireless currently offers free government phones to applicants in Oklahoma. Maryland, Minnesota, Arkansas, and Missouri.

Oklahoma Free Link-Up Plan

  • Unlimited monthly minutes
  • Unlimited messages every month
  • 5-Gig free monthly data

Non Oklahoma Free Link-Up Plan

  • 1,000 free monthly minutes or,
  • 1,000 texts every month
  • 1-Gig free monthly data

Other Benefits

  • Voicemail services
  • Three-way calling
  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting and forwarding feature
  • A free government cell phone

2) Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless offers its services to almost every state in the US, with consumers benefiting from great Android devices.

California Free Link-Up Plan

  • Unlimited monthly minutes
  • Unlimited messages every month
  • 3-Gig high-speed free monthly data
  • 500 MB of free monthly internet

Non California Free Link-Up Plan

  • Between 350 and 1,000 free monthly minutes
  • Unlimited messages every month
  • 2-Gig high-speed free monthly data

Other Benefits

  • Voicemail and Caller ID
  • Three-way calling
  • Free access to mobile hotspot
  • Free access to 211 and 911 services
  • Affordable international calls
  • A free government smartphone

3) Easy Wireless

Easy Wireless offers free Lifeline services in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kentucky, as follows:

Oklahoma Free Link-Up Plan

  • Unlimited monthly minutes, SMS, and 2-Gig internet
  • Unlimited monthly minutes, SMS, and the internet, with the initial 2-Gig data on LTE for $1 a month
  • Unlimited monthly minutes, SMS, and the internet, with the initial 5-Gig data on LTE for $15 a month

Missouri Kentucky Oklahoma Link-Up Plan

  • Free 750 nationwide talk-time minutes, unlimited text and talk, with 25 MB of data
  • 750 nationwide talk-time minutes, unlimited text and talk, with 250 MB of data for $1 a month
  • Unlimited nationwide talk-time and text with 1-Gig internet for $15 a month
  • Unlimited nationwide talk-time and text with 2-Gig internet for $25 a month
  • Unlimited nationwide talk-time and text with 2-Gig high-speed internet for $26 a month
  • Unlimited internet, SMS, and minutes with initial 5-Gig data on LTE for $40 a month

Other Benefits

  • Nationwide calling
  • Voicemail services
  • Three-way calling
  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting and forwarding feature
  • A free government cell phone

4) StandUp Wireless

StandUp Wireless Blue Jay Wireless in the Lifeline program to provide services for consumers in Colorado, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Arizona, Hawaii, Minnesota, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Utah.

Free Link-Up Plan

  • 500 free monthly minutes
  • Unlimited SMS
  • 500 MB monthly data

Other Benefits

  • Voicemail services
  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting
  • A free government smartphone

5) enTouch Wireless

enTouch Wireless is among the leading Lifeline phone companies that serves twenty states, such as Kentucky, Michigan, North Dakota, Washington, Arkansas, Indiana, and West Virginia, among others.

Free Link-Up Plan

  • Unlimited monthly minutes
  • Unlimited texts every month
  • Unlimited monthly data

Other Benefits

  • Nationwide calling
  • Voicemail services
  • Three-way calling
  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting
  • A free government cell phone

6) FeelSafe Wireless

The Lifeline operator is available in California, Michigan, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Wisconsin.

Free Link-Up Plans

  • Unlimited talk-time, MMS, SMS, and 2-Gig internet with 100 international SMS for California subscribers.
  • 1,000 minutes, 500 texts, with 500 MBs internet for Kentucky subscribers.
  • 1,000 minutes, 500 texts, with 500 MBs internet for beneficiaries in Michigan.
  • 1,000 minutes, 500 texts, with 500 MBs internet for consumers in Mississippi.
  • Unlimited minutes, MMS and texts for tribal Oklahoma residents.
  • 1,000 minutes, 500 texts, with 500 MBs for non-tribal subscribers in Oklahoma.
  • 1,000 minutes, 500 texts, with 500 MBs internet for Pennsylvania consumers.
  • 1,000 minutes, 500 texts, with 500 MBs internet for residents in South Carolina.
  • 1,000 minutes, 500 texts, with 500 MBs internet for Wisconsin subscribers.

Other Benefits

  • Free 911 function
  • Voicemail services
  • Three-way calling
  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting and forwarding feature
  • A free government cell phone

7) Life Wireless

Life Wireless offers free cell phones and plans in ten states of Georgia, Louisiana, Minnesota, Puerto Rico, West Virginia, Arkansas, Illinois, Maryland, Missouri, and Rhode Island.

Free Link-Up Plan

  • Between 1,250 to unlimited monthly minutes
  • Unlimited texts every month
  • Between 250 and 500 MB monthly data

Other Benefits

  • Nationwide calling
  • Voicemail services
  • Three-way calling
  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting
  • A free government cell phone

8) Q Link Wireless

Q Link Wireless is one of the most prominent Lifeline companies providing services in nearly all the states in America.

Free Link-Up Plan

  • 1,000 monthly talk-time
  • Unlimited texts every month
  • 1-Gig free monthly data

Other Benefits

  • Nationwide calling
  • BYOP with free SIM card
  • Free 911 services
  • Voicemail services
  • Three-way calling
  • Get 100 free voice minutes for each referral
  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting
  • A free government smartphone with a free SIM card

9) Safelink Wireless

Safelink Wireless is among the three most popular Link-Up providers in the US with incredible phones and plan offers for its subscribers.

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Free Link-Up Plan

  • 500 voice minutes for the initial three months
  • 5 GB data for the initial three months
  • 1,000 monthly talk-time
  • Unlimited texts every month
  • 1-Gig free monthly data

Other Benefits

  • Nationwide calling
  • BYOP with free SIM card
  • Free 911 services
  • Voicemail services
  • Three-way calling
  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting
  • A free government smartphone with a free SIM card

10) Tempo Wireless

Little known Tempo Wireless makes a difference by connecting isolated consumers in twenty-one states to the Lifeline program.

Free Link-Up Plan

  • Unlimited voice minutes
  • Unlimited months texts
  • 3-Gig monthly data

Other Benefits

  • Voicemail services
  • Three-way calling
  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting
  • A free government smartphone

The above selection is only a handful of companies providing free government cell phones. You can find more providers in your state by searching the FCC site.

How To Change Lifeline Companies

All Lifeline providers are not the same. You may want to switch providers because you do not like the current service, you need a phone upgrade, you want more voice minutes and text messages, or your Lifeline operator may have left the Lifeline Assistance initiative. Link-Up services don’t lock subscribers into yearly contracts. If you are getting poor customer service, the first thing you can do is to launch a complaint with the FCC. And if the situation doesn’t improve, then you can even change your cell phone provider.

Most customers believe that they must first end their service with the current operator before joining a new carrier. But the Universal Service Administrative Company has a different approach to a “Benefit Transfer” or switching Lifeline providers. The USAC allows you to change cell phone companies if you have been on the service for a minimum of 60 days. The best thing is to ensure you cancel your previous provider to avoid being on multiple Lifeline services as it might lead to termination of your benefits.

Here is what you can do to switch Lifeline wireless providers:

  • Contact your current operator to ask for a transfer of service by filling out a request for change form.
  • The company will confirm receipt of your request.
  • Get in touch with the new company to express interest in moving to their platform.
  • Fill out the application form, providing proof of qualification for the Lifeline program.
  • Sign in to the National Lifeline Accountability Database site and select “Transfer NLAD Benefit”.
  • Fill in the details and transfer your benefits.
  • You must confirm that you intend to move phone services to a new Lifeline provider.
  • Services from your initial operator will stop after the transfer is complete.

How To Replace A Lost Lifeline Company

You can lose or damage your free government cell phone shortly after getting it. The best thing is that you can replace it or even get an upgrade. If you lost your device, the provider would replace it at a fee. It’s vital always to keep an emergency copy of your provider’s name, your phone number, and the serial number of the device. You are going to need it if you want to replace a lost or damaged handset.

Here are the steps you can use to replace your free government cell phone:

  • Contact the mobile carrier immediately you realize you lost the device so they can turn off the service to protect your phone balance.
  • The provider may ask you for the events that led to you losing the cell phone.
  • Pick a new cell phone.
  • Pay the replacement fee.
  • Wait to receive the new handset via regular mail.

The Bottom Line

Lifeline Assistance is a federal initiative that gives discounted cell phone services to qualifying low-income families and individuals. The program aims to provide affordable communication services to its beneficiaries. You can qualify for a free government cell phone if you already receive aid from a government-run assistance program like Medicaid, SNAP, TANF, and SSI, among others. You may also be eligible through income profiles that meet the US Poverty Guidelines.

Those who qualify stand to receive a free cell phone along with monthly phone services without paying. You could also get a free government smartphone depending on the Lifeline provider and availability of devices. However, Link-Up companies have the right to decide the kind of phone you’ll receive. Once you qualify, you must recertify your participation in the program to continue enjoying its benefits.

Subscribers can also change their cell phone providers when looking to upgrade to a smartphone, require more text, talk, and data allocation, or because they are dissatisfied with the current service. It is important to cancel your service with the existing Lifeline provider before you switch companies to avoid losing your Lifeline Assistance program benefits. Furthermore, the initiative allows customers to replace damaged or lost phones with their issuer, although at a fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who has the best free government phones?

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Safelink and Q Link wireless have the best free government phones, which include the latest Android devices.

How do I get a free Obama phone?

You must first confirm whether you qualify for a free Obama phone through income-based guidelines or as a beneficiary to a government aid program like SNAP. If you are eligible, the next step is to find the Lifeline Wireless companies providing free government cell phones in your state. Choose a company that has the best Lifeline services and fill out the application form. After that, wait to receive your cell phone through regular mail.

Does SafeLink give free smartphones?

Yes. SafeLink is one of the free government cell phone companies that offer smartphones. The provider also gives free SIM cards with their free cell phone and plans.

Does AT&T offer free government phones?

Yes and No. AT&T does not provide free handsets but offers monthly discounts of up to $7.25 per month to qualifying customers. However, eligible tribal clients can get another $25 monthly discount on their bills.

Does Verizon have free government phones?

Yes. Verizon offers a decent selection of free government phones and cell phone plans. Eligible Verizon Wireless customers will also receive at least $9.25 monthly discount on their bills. The company only offers one discount for each qualifying household.

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What is the best free government cell phone for 2022? ›

The Best Free Government Phone Service

StandUp Wireless has been providing low-income customers with free or discounted communications services for over 35 years. Under the StandUp Wireless program, you receive a free SIM card with at least 1,000 minutes, 4.5GB of free data, and unlimited texting every month.

Which government program has the best free phones? ›

Lifeline is a government assistance program. The Assurance Wireless offer provides eligible low-income customers free monthly data, unlimited texting, and free monthly minutes. Plus a free phone.

What government program gives out the best phones? ›

This plan is part of the federal Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). Lifeline program participants are eligible to participate in the federal government-funded Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). For more information about ACP eligibility read below.

How do I get a free 2022 phone? ›

Through the government's Lifeline program, eligible low-income people can acquire a free Android phone and phone plan. Anyone enrolled in one of the following programs is eligible to get a free phone from the government: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Is TruConnect and Assurance Wireless the same? ›

They go by names including Assurance Wireless, Q Link Wireless, and SafeLink Wireless. TruConnect prides itself on differentiation by including extras and even manufacturing its own smartphones so they can better control the quality, performance and minimize bloatware.

What government phone gives you a iPhone? ›

Offers the best FREE phones

Customers will receive a FREE 4G/5G smartphone directly subsidized from AirTalk, which offers top iconic brands such as Apple iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S9, and more!

What cell phone carrier is offering free phones? ›

Starting October 15, 2021, for a limited time, well-qualified customers can get a FREE Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, T-Mobile REVVL V+ 5G, OnePlus Nord N200 5G, OnePlus Nord N10 5G, Motorola one 5G ace, Motorola moto g play, or Motorola moto g pure via 24 monthly bill credits OR get $300 off a T-Mobile REVVL 5G via 24 monthly ...

Who is giving away free phones with service? ›

American Assistance, in partnership with the Lifeline and ACP programs, offers a free smartphone, data, and unlimited text messages and minutes. In addition, you get 5 GB of data if you only have an ACP plan and 10 GB of data if you have both the ACP and Lifeline plan.

What carrier does Assurance Wireless use? ›

Assurance Wireless offers mobile Broadband Internet Access Services for smartphones and feature phones, over T-Mobile's network. T-Mobile provides service on its 2G and 4G LTE broadband networks.

What phone is SafeLink giving out? ›

It offers mobiles from many retailers, such as Nokia, Motorola, LG and Kyocera. The kind of telephone SafeLink Wireless clients are offered depends upon where in the nation they live and which program they select.

Can you get an iPhone free from the government? ›

The free government iPhone 8 program is a great way to get a new phone without having to pay for it. There are a few requirements that you must meet in order to qualify, but if you do, you can get a new phone for free. This is a great program for those who are in need of a new phone but can't afford one.

What service is giving away free iphones? ›

Verizon is offering up to $1,000 off any iPhone 14 when you trade-in your old phone and sign up for select 5G unlimited plans. That means you can get a free iPhone 14 or free iPhone 14 Pro. Plus, if you're switching from a competing carrier you'll get a $200 eGift card.

What kind of free phone is Verizon giving away? ›

Verizon is sending free 4G flip phones to customers who are still using the company's older 3G network, which it plans to retire by the end of 2022, according to the company's support page. Verizon's issuing the devices to people who haven't yet upgraded to a 4G LTE phone.

What free phone is AT&T giving away? ›

Thankfully, AT&T is offering a free replacement phone (via Android Police) for those who want it. That's an AT&T RADIANT Core, a budget phone from 2019 that was first introduced as a reasonable option for AT&T's prepaid customers.

Is Verizon giving away new phones for free? ›

Get more 5G, more entertainment and a free 5G phone, on us, with select trade-in and select 5G Unlimited plans.

How long does it take to receive TruConnect phone? ›

Application Approved and Shipping Timeline: Once your application is approved, we'll ship out your order to the provided shipping address. You should receive your order within 7-10 business days.

How much is TruConnect unlimited data? ›

Plan pricing starts at $25 per month which includes a monthly data allotment of 100 MB of data, or users can upgrade to 500 MB for $35 per month, 2 GB for $45 per month, or, unlimited data at $55 per month (first 4 GB at 4G LTE speeds).

Is TruConnect really free? ›

TruConnect is an Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) participating service, offering free broadband service, devices, and discounted tablets. You can apply online, and once you're approved, we will ship you a new device or SIM card.

How can I get a free 5G phone? ›

Free 5G government phones are available from some companies for those eligible for ACP or Lifeline. These companies include StandUp Wireless, SafeLink, Assurance Wireless, and Cintex Wireless. Not all companies offer services of 5G phones in every state.

Does T-Mobile give free phone upgrades? ›

Now is a great time to upgrade. With JUMP! ® you can upgrade as soon as you find a device with a bigger screen, better camera, more memory, or other new features you love. Simply trade in your eligible device, and T-Mobile will cover your remaining device payments up to half of your device cost - no waiting.

Does SafeLink give free smartphones? ›

Eligible WellCare members can get a free smartphone, with free text messages, data and minutes each month. The smartphone gives members easy access to: Care support.

What is the easiest way to get a free phone? ›

8 Places to Get a Free Cell Phone
  1. Lifeline Support. Lifeline Support is a government-funded program that helps to reduce the cost of cell phones for people who qualify. ...
  2. Assurance Wireless. ...
  3. SafeLink Wireless. ...
  4. Craigslist. ...
  5. OfferUp. ...
  6. NextDoor. ...
  7. 7. Facebook Marketplace. ...
  8. Buy Nothing Groups.
17 Oct 2022

What phone is Walmart giving out? ›

By the end of the year, we plan to offer more than 740,000 associates a new Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro smartphone, case and protection plan to use — free of charge.

Who is offering free phones to switch? ›

If you're looking for a free cell phone without a 24-month commitment, Metro by T-Mobile is one of your best bets right now. Metro by T-Mobile is offering your choice of one of six free 5G phones right now when you switch.
Metro by T-Mobile
  • Samsung Galaxy A13 5G.
  • Motorola moto g 5G.
  • REVVL 6 5G.
  • REVVL 6 Pro 5G.
  • TCL 30 XE 5G.
17 Nov 2022

What's the difference between ACP and lifeline? ›

Lifeline is the FCC's permanent program to support affordable access to essential communications services such as broadband Internet access. The ACP is a new program designed to provide additional support to make broadband more affordable for certain low-income households.

Can I buy a new phone for Assurance Wireless? ›

Your free Assurance Wireless phone comes with a one-year warranty from the original equipment manufacturer. If you experience an equipment malfunction, call us at 1-888-321-5880 and we will arrange for a similar replacement phone. The replacement model may not be the exact model of the original device.

How good is Assurance Wireless? ›

Assurance Wireless has a consumer rating of 1.37 stars from 521 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Assurance Wireless most frequently mention customer service, new phone and tracking number problems.

What benefits do you get with Assurance Wireless? ›

Assurance Wireless Program Benefits:
  • No Annual Contract.
  • Voicemail Account, Calling Waiting, Caller ID.
  • 911 Access.
  • FREE Calls to Customer Care.
  • FREE Unlimited Calling to 211.

Will SafeLink give me a new phone? ›

If eligible, we'll replace the defective device with a device of the same cosmetic condition or comparable model at our discretion. Our conditions for a warranty claim are as follows: Your warranty only covers defects in materials or workmanship.

Does SafeLink have 5G phones? ›

Motorola Edge 5G - SafeLink Wireless.

Is SafeLink is a 4g or 5G? ›

Network Speed: 5G Capable - SafeLink Wireless.

Who gets Apple Plus for free? ›

You can get three months of Apple TV+ when you purchase a iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac from Apple. You just need to redeem the offer within 90 days. Unfortunately this offer is not available if you or your Family have previously accepted an Apple TV+ 1 year free offer.

How much is govt discount Apple? ›

Veterans and Military Purchase Program

A 10% discount is available to current and Veteran members of the US Military, National Guard and Reserve. Immediate family members who reside in the same household are also eligible.

Does Apple give a federal government discount? ›

Federal Government employees can purchase select Apple products and third-party solutions for themselves and their immediate family members at a special price. Note, this program is for personal use only and not intended for purchases using agency funds.

Why is Verizon offering free 5G phones? ›

Verizon followed in its competitors' footsteps today and announced that its customers can trade in an old phone and get a new 5G phone for free, with select plans.

What phones will not work in 2022? ›

All of the major US 3G networks are scheduled to shut down in 2022. Whether you're with AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon, this may affect your phone, your home alarm system, or even your car.

Is AT&T giving away free 5G phones? ›

Switch to AT&T and Get the revolutionary Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G for FREE! Requires compatible plan for AT&T 5G connections. Limited AT&T 5G and 5G+ availability. May not be available in your area.

What cell phone company is giving away free phones? ›

Starting October 15, 2021, for a limited time, well-qualified customers can get a FREE Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, T-Mobile REVVL V+ 5G, OnePlus Nord N200 5G, OnePlus Nord N10 5G, Motorola one 5G ace, Motorola moto g play, or Motorola moto g pure via 24 monthly bill credits OR get $300 off a T-Mobile REVVL 5G via 24 monthly ...

Which cell phone has the best reception in areas with a weak signal 2022? ›

Samsung Galaxy S22

In other words, whenever signal reception is low, the S22 model will find ways to get the best out of the situation. This is true for signals below 120dBm, which is rare in cities and towns, but quite frequent in rural areas.

What new phone should I get in 2022? ›

The best Android phone to buy in 2022. The Pixel 7 Pro feels like the phone its predecessor should have been. It's better late than never: the 7 Pro (and the 7, in its own right) is a high-quality device with good battery life, a consistently excellent camera, and great daily performance.

What is the most reliable phone brand? ›

In our mind, Samsung is the best phone brand you can choose in 2022. It produces excellent phones across a range of prices and has even managed to improve its lackluster record of software updates.

Are 4G phones being phased out? ›

No, 4G LTE shutdown will not be happening for atleast a decade. Therefore, the thing to remember is that 4G will not be going away anytime soon, regardless of how fast the 5G network grows. The plan is for existing 4G LTE networks to be used by carriers well into 2030.

Why is Verizon losing customers? ›

Clearly, the hikes in price plans and fees the company implemented earlier this year are causing people to switch to other service providers. CFO Matt Ellis said the pricing actions affected more than 75 million phone customers, so the uptick in churn in the quarter was highly expected.

Is Verizon giving everyone a free 5G phone? ›

Get more 5G, more entertainment and a free 5G phone, on us, with select trade-in and select 5G Unlimited plans.

Does Assurance Wireless have 5G phones? ›

Assurance Wireless Coverage

It's important to note that you will need a 5G-compatible phone. Currently, Assurance does not provide a free 5G phone. However, if you already own a 5G smartphone, you can bring it to Assurance Wireless and access 5G.


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