Mint Marks | U.S. Mint (2023)

Mint marks are letters that identify where a coin was made. They hold the maker responsible for the quality of a coin. When the U.S. used precious metals such as gold and silver to make circulating coins, a commission evaluated the metal compositions and quality of coins from each of the Mint facilities. The evaluations ensured that each facility produced coins to the correct specifications.

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Mint Marks | U.S. Mint (1)Philadelphia was the only branch in operation in the Mint’s earliest years, so identifying the sources of a coin was not necessary. A March 3, 1835 Congressional Act established mint marks in the United States, along with the first Mint branches. When the Mint branches in Charlotte, Dahlonega, and New Orleans opened in 1838, mint marks made their first appearance on U.S. coins. However, the practice of not identifying Philadelphia’s coins continued even after the first branches were established.

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This changed in 1942. When nickel was removed from five-cent coins during World War II, the “P” mint mark first appeared on coins produced in Philadelphia. The mark’s position also moved from the right of Monticello to above the dome to indicate the new metal composition. After the war, when use of the regular alloy resumed, the mint mark returned to its former position and the Mint no longer used Philadelphia’s “P.”

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In 1979, the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin was introduced. Once again, the “P” mint mark appeared. The following year, the “P” appeared on all of the denominations except the cent, which still holds true today.


The table below lists the mint marks for each of the Mint’s current and historic facilities, and the dates they used the mark.

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Mint BranchMint MarkYears Mark Used
Carson City (NV)CC1870-1893
Charlotte (NC)C1838-1861
Dahlonega (GA)D1838-1861
Denver (CO)D1906-Present
New Orleans (LA)O1838-1861, 1879-1909
Philadelphia (PA)P1942-45, 1979-Present
San Francisco (CA)S1854-1955, 1968-Present
West Point (NY)W1984-Present

Mint Mark Facts

  • No mint marks appeared on circulating coins from 1965 to 1967. The Coinage Act of 1965 eliminated mint marks to discourage collecting while the Mint worked to meet the country’s coinage needs.
  • Mint marks were placed on the reverse of coins until 1968 when they moved to the obverse.
  • The San Francisco Mint made circulating coins with the “S” mint mark from 1854 to 1955. After that, they produced “S” circulating coins from:
    • 1968-1974: pennies
    • 1968-1970: nickels
    • 1979-1981: dollars
  • In 1968, proof coin production moved from the Philadelphia Mint to San Francisco and proof coins gained the “S” mint mark.
  • The West Point Bullion Depository made circulating pennies from 1973 to 1986 and circulating quarters in 1976 to 1979. The San Francisco Mint also produced circulating pennies around this time. These coins did not have mint marks so that they couldn’t be distinguished from Philadelphia coins.
  • In 2017, the “P” mint mark appeared for the first time on circulating pennies. This change was only for the 2017 issued cents, in honor of the U.S. Mint’s 225th anniversary.
  • In 2019, the “W” mint mark appeared for the first time on a circulating coin. The West Point Mint produced 10 million quarters in the 2019 America the Beautiful Quarters Program.

Mint Marks on Medals

Mint Marks | U.S. Mint (2)Most medals don’t have mint marks. The Philadelphia Mint makes Congressional Gold Medals and their bronze duplicates, Presidential Medals, and most others. But for certain numismatic silver medals, other Mint facilities may help. The Mint places the mint mark on some of these medals for marketing reasons. The mark can be on the obverse or reverse side, depending on how it fits into the design.

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Mint Marks on Dies

The Mint adds mint marks to the master hub, the first stage of the die making process. The Philadelphia Mint makes a master hub for each facility that will strike the coin.

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What are the mint marks on U.S. coins? ›

The current mint marks on United States coinage are P, D, S, and W for the 4 currently operating US Mints. The letter P is used for the Philadelphia Mint, D for the Denver Mint, S for the San Francisco Mint, and W for the West Point Mint.

Are mint mark coins worth anything? ›

Are They Worth Anything? Typically, no mint mark coins are not worth much at face value. Still, coins minted with an error or those produced in a small volume may be worth significant money. For example, the San Francisco No S Proof coins mentioned above are more valuable than other counterparts without a mint mark.

What does the D and S mean on a penny? ›

D, meaning the coin was minted in Denver. S, meaning it came from San Francisco, and is an older penny, since the city doesn't make coins for circulation anymore.

What does it mean if a coin has no mint mark? ›

If the date of a US coin is written without a mintmark, it means that the coin has no mintmark and was (usually) minted in Philadelphia. Coins without mintmarks made in Philadelphia are sometimes referred to as, for example, 1927-P, even though there may be no mintmark on the coin.

Is it rare for a coin to not have a mint mark? ›

While many coins without a mintmark are unfortunately fairly common, a No S Proof Coin from a Proof Set is a real find.

What is the rarest U.S. Mint coin? ›

1. The 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar. The 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar may sit atop the rankings of the most expensive coin ever sold, at least for now. Some experts believe that it was the first silver dollar struck by the U.S. Mint.

How much is a 1964 penny worth with no mint mark? ›

1964 (P) No Mint Mark Penny Value

They're worth 2 cents, based on the melt price of copper in November 2022.

What is a 1943 zinc penny worth? ›

They are worth about 10 to 13 cents each in circulated condition and as much as 50 cents or more if uncirculated.

What year of dimes are worth money? ›

Generally, US dimes made after 1964 are not worth much more than face value. However, those made before then are valued at higher prices than their face value.

How can you tell if a coin is rare and valuable? ›

One quick way to determine if a coin is rare or valuable is to look at the mintage. That's the number of copies of the coin that the US mint produced (aka issued). The lower the original number of copies printed, the more valuable a coin will likely become.

Is there a free app to scan coins for value? ›

Download Coinoscope app on your Android or iPhone for FREE and start identifying coins!

What does the P mean on a penny? ›

Did you know? The United States has four mints. They are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Denver, Colorado; Washington D.C; and West Point, New York. Pennies are made at the Denver and Philadelphia mints only. A '”D'” or “P” on the penny tells you which mint produced the penny.

What does VDB penny stand for? ›

The initials are "VDB" and they stand for the name of Victor David Brenner, the artist who designed the Lincoln cent. What makes these initials famous is the fact that they appear on the rarest of all the Lincolns (excluding such mint errors as the 1922 "Plain" and the 1955 and 1972 doubled dies).

What makes a 1964 nickel valuable? ›

Over a million 1964 nickels were coined in Philadelphia, so they have no mint mark. At low grades, the coin is barely worth its face value of 5 cents. But if you can find Full Steps coins, the price goes up. A 5FS or 6FS (meaning 5 or all 6 of the steps are discernible) can go for anything from $20 to $15,000.

How much is a 1972 dime worth? ›

According to the NGC Price Guide, as of March 2023, a Roosevelt Dime from 1972 in circulated condition is worth between $0.15 and $0.35. However, on the open market 1972 D Dimes in pristine, uncirculated condition sell for as much as $40.

What year of coins are worth money? ›

The 11 most valuable coins to look out for
1Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle$20,212,100
81894-S Barber Dime$2,412,200
9Lincoln Head Copper Penny$2,325,200
101893 Morgan Silver Dollar$551,272
11Sacagawea Cheerios Dollar$25,058
6 more rows
Feb 3, 2023

How much is a 1970 penny worth with no mint mark? ›

1970 No Mint mark Lincoln penny

The Philadelphia mint issued 1,898,315,000 Lincoln pennies without the mint mark in 1970. Since they are abundant, most cost less than a dollar. The only exceptions are coins with red toning that can reach up to $150 on the market.

How much is a 1967 Roosevelt dime worth with no mint mark? ›

In average circulated conditions, the 1967 no-mintmark dime value is $0.25, while the melt value is $0.02. The coin's face value is 12 times more than the melt value.

How much is a 1961 penny worth with no mint mark? ›

How much did the 1961 No Mint mark Lincoln Memorial penny cost? The Lincoln pennies minted in Philadelphia typically cost $2 to $18 when they are in top condition. However, rare MS 67-graded coins are worth up to $450. The most expensive is the red-toned specimen with MS 67 rating sold for $5,720 at an auction.

How much is a 1944 wheat penny worth? ›

According to the NGC Price Guide, as of March 2023, a Wheat Penny from 1944 in circulated condition is worth between $35000 and $43500. However, on the open market 1944 STEEL Pennies in pristine, uncirculated condition sell for as much as $175000.

What is the holy grail of coin collecting? ›

On Monday, GreatCollections of Irvine, CA, announced it purchased a 1913 Liberty Head nickel for $4.2 million. The coin is the holy grail of numismatic collectors because it was produced in Philadelphia without the consent of the US Mint.

What coin is worth $1000000? ›

Quarter shekel: US returns 'exceedingly rare' coin worth $1 million to Israel - CNN Style.

How much is a Susan B Anthony 1979 dollar coin worth? ›

1979 D Susan B Anthony Coin Value

According to the NGC Price Guide, as of March 2023, a Susan B Anthony Coin from 1979 in circulated condition is worth between $1.05 and $1.35. However, on the open market 1979 D Silver Dollars in pristine, uncirculated condition sell for as much as $1950.

What's the rarest penny year? ›

1877 Indian Head Penny – $149,500

This particular penny is the rarest date of all the Indian Head pennies minted. In 1877 the demand for US coinage was at an all-time low due to a long recession. So, people didn't save pennies then. To find an uncirculated version in mint condition is rare.

What year is a rare silver penny? ›

A lot of people talk about 1943 pennies and that they may have a silver one, and while they may have the right color penny, most of those are zinc plated steel.

Why is a 1982 penny worth $10000? ›

So for the past 30 years, pennies have been made with an alloy comprised of 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper, but pennies minted before 1982 are 95% copper and 5% zinc. The price of copper has more than quadrupled over the past 10 years.

How much is a 1943 aluminum wheat penny worth? ›

A 1943 wheat penny with no mint mark, Philadelphia mint, is the most common of the 1943 pennies and is worth around 15 cents in average condition and up to a few dollars for nongraded coins in fine condition.

How rare is a 1943 steel wheat penny? ›

Steel pennies are not rare; thus, the low market prices, 10-13 cents, but error coins minted in 1943 and 1944 are hard to come by and fetch high prices, like the 1943 bronze penny going up to seven figures. With counterfeits in the market, buyers and sellers must conduct thorough research before buying or selling.

Is a 1965 dime worth $2 million? ›

Is the 1965 dime worth $2 million? No records show that a 1965 dime was bought for $2 million or anywhere near that. However, there was one type of dime that was sold for $1,997,500 in 2016 to an anonymous buyer. This dime was known as the 1894-S Barber Dime.

Which dimes should I keep? ›

Here's a rundown of the 4 valuable Roosevelt dimes you should keep your eyes out for in pocket change and rolls:
  • #1 — 1964 Copper-Nickel Clad Roosevelt Dime. ...
  • #2 — 1965 Silver Roosevelt Dime. ...
  • #3 — 1982 No-P Roosevelt Dime. ...
  • #4 — 1996-W Roosevelt Dime.

What nickels should I keep? ›

What years of nickels are worth money? Many years of nickels are worth money, but the 1913 Liberty Head V is the most valuable nickel. You can find a range of nickels worth money in many years, including 1880, 1885, 1919, 1920, 1926, 1927, 1936, 1937, 1942, and 1964.

What is the fastest way to tell if a coin is valuable? ›

There are three primary variables that help determine the value of a coin.
  1. Initial Mintage Number. This refers to how many of the coins were originally minted and available in the market.
  2. Coin Grade. The better condition your coin is in, the more valuable it can be.
  3. Demand.
May 28, 2021

What years of quarters are worth money? ›

What Years of Quarters Are Worth Money?
  • 1943 Washington Quarter: Double Die.
  • 2004 Wisconsin State Quarter.
  • 2000 New Hampshire State Quarter.
  • 1976-S Washington Quarter.
  • 1950-S Washington Quarter (S Over D)
  • 1962 D Washington Quarter.
  • 1965 Washington Quarter.
  • 1999-S Delaware State Quarter Proof.
Feb 16, 2023

How do I check how much a coin is worth? ›

According to Roderick Hughes' Official Know-It-All Guide, Coins, you can find out the value of the metal if you: Multiply the weight of the coin by the percentage "fineness" of the coin (the percentage of the coin that is gold or silver). This will establish how much of the precious metal you have to sell.

What is the best app to identify old coins? ›

CoinSnap is a powerful mobile application that utilizes AI-driven image recognition technology to accurately identify any coin within seconds! The identification process is relatively straightforward.

What is the best way to sell old coins? ›

There are several options for selling coins online. Arguably the best option is setting up your own ecommerce store as this allows you ultimate control over the selling process. However, you may also choose to sell your coins on online auctions, online marketplaces or to other coin dealers.

How can I sell my coins online for free? ›

The best places to sell coins online
  1. eBay. It's become an unofficial coin marketplace for thousands of sellers from around the world. ...
  2. Amazon. The Collectible Coins section is an excellent alternative to eBay. ...
  3. Internet Auctions. ...
  4. Your website.

What's special about the 2009 penny? ›

In 2009, the U.S. Mint made four special penny designs to celebrate Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday. It was also the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln penny, which the Mint first made in 1909. The image of Lincoln remained on the obverse (heads) of all four cents in the new program.

What does D on a quarter mean? ›

The U.S. Mint State Quarters were created from 1999 to 2008, with coins for five states released each year. Those coins have one of three markings — “D,” “P” or “S” — which signifies where they were minted. D stands for Denver Mint, P stands for Philadelphia Mint and an S is for those created at the San Francisco Mint.

How much is a wheat penny worth? ›

“There are millions and millions of wheat pennies and most commonly they trade for three-to-five cents a piece. If you're looking for a particular date, it can be much, much more than that. The rarest is the 1909 VDB. Those can be worth anywhere from $700 to $1,500 depending on the coin's grade.

How much is a 1909 wheat penny with no mint mark worth? ›

1909 (P) VDB No Mint Mark Penny Value

The coin isn't especially rare, and you'll only get about $30 in mint state. In 2017, a 1909 VDB Penny in MS67+ RD was sold for $8,225. And in 2021, a 1909 VDB MS 68 RD sold for $54,600.

Are s wheat pennies rare? ›

1. 1931-S Wheat Penny. The 1931 S Lincoln Wheat Penny is a key date in the series, with only 866,000 coins minted. Although it may sound like a lot, the average mintage numbers are usually in the millions!

Why was VDB removed? ›

On August 6, 1909, The Washington Post proclaimed, "V.D.B. Cent Doomed". The initials and their placement on the coin met with displeasure from the Secretary of the Treasury Franklin MacVeagh who had either not seen the coin's design or did not look at it closely before minting began.

Should I keep 1964 nickels? ›

According to the NGC Price Guide, a free resource provided by NGC, Mint State 1964 Jefferson Nickels are valued between 15 cents and $500, while Proof coins are generally worth more. Nickels with a 5FS or 6FS designation are valued between $20 to $15,000.

Are nickels worth hoarding? ›

If you were to melt down a single nickel today, the metal would be worth approximately $0.079, or nearly 60% more than the coin's face value. At those values, a $2.00 roll of nickels, containing 40 coins, would be worth $3.18.

What does a mint mark look like on a coin? ›

A mint mark is a letter or other symbol that identifies the mint at which a given coin was made. On most U.S. coins, the mint mark will be a D (for the Denver or Dahlonega mint), an S (for San Francisco), P was used (for Philadelphia), CC (for Carson City.) or a W (for West Point).

How much is a 1979 penny worth with no mint mark? ›

What is the 1979 No Mint mark Lincoln Memorial penny price? Most 1979 Lincoln Memorial pennies are worth $0.20 to $1, but the best-preserved pieces can reach $11 to $45 on the coin market. On the other hand, the most valuable are specimens in an MS 68 grade.

How do you identify mint coins? ›

Currently Indian coins are minted in four locations, Mumbai, Noida, Hyderabad, Kolkata. Each coin has unique shape right below the year that helps identify which city it was minted in Mumbai is represented by a diamond, Delhi by a dot, Hyderabad by a Star, and Kolkata mint has no mark at all.

What mint marks are rare on quarters? ›

1932 D MS 66 Washington Quarter

The 1932 Washington quarter is one of two dates with mintages under one million, making it the key date and rarest in the series. The Denver mint produced only 436,800 silver specimens, worth $141 to $1,228 in circulated condition.

What does a mint mark look like on a silver dollar? ›

The mint mark for Morgan silver dollars is located at the bottom center of the coin below the wreath and slightly above the letters “D” and “O” in “Dollar.” This is true for all Morgan silver dollars, including the coins minted in 1921.

What penny is worth millions? ›

1943-D Lincoln Bronze Wheat Penny — $1.7 million

Designed by Victor D. Brenner, this is one of the highest-value pennies in circulation today. Made of 95% copper and 5% tin and zinc alloy, it sold for $1.7 million in 2010. More recently, it went for $840,000 at an auction.

What is the error on a 1979 D penny? ›

The only thing of importance to note with the 1979-D Lincoln Memorial Cent is that the engraver's initials “FG” are sometimes worn off of the coin. Do not mistake this for an error coin. Rather, it was a worn die that was not replaced in time.

How much is a 1988 D penny worth? ›

1988-D Penny Value

In 1988, the Denver Mint coined 5,253,740,443 pennies bearing the D Mint Mark. PCGS (the Professional Coin Grading Service) sold one graded MS 68 RD for $1,495 in 2007. So far, only one known sample is graded MS 69 RD. It wasn't sold, but PCGS evaluated it at $4,500.

What are mint markings? ›

Mint marks are letters that identify where a coin was made. They hold the maker responsible for the quality of a coin. When the U.S. used precious metals such as gold and silver to make circulating coins, a commission evaluated the metal compositions and quality of coins from each of the Mint facilities.

Is there an app to identify rare coins? ›

CoinSnap is a powerful mobile application that utilizes AI-driven image recognition technology to accurately identify any coin within seconds! The identification process is relatively straightforward.

How can I identify my coin? ›

Coinoscope is a visual search engine for coins. Coinoscope makes coin recognition easy - just snap a picture of a coin with your phone camera and the app will show you a list of similar coins. Click on the coin to see additional information in the web browser of your phone.


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