Stranger Things: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Mike As A Character (2023)

Netflix's Stranger Things offers a unique perspective into the complicated lives of kids in a small town, something that doesn't initially sound intriguing, yet is action-packed and captivating. While the characters range in personality, some are more talkative, sassy, and brave than others, including Mike Wheeler.

Upon first impression, many fans believed Mike to be a fiery, loudmouthed kid until the show dug into the depths to reveal a kind and genuine friend. Mike is also known to be quite humorous and sarcastic, which always makes for some viral memes within the fanbase.


Mike Doesn't Follow His Own Rules

Above all, Mike has proven to be quite the hypocrite when it comes to friendship rules. In addition to him lying frequently despite the group's "friends don't lie" rule, he was quite contradictory in not allowing Max to join the friend group at first.


Knowing that Mike was the friend to convince the group to let Eleven in and welcome her with open arms, it kind of caught fans by surprise when he was so crass toward Max, who was new and desperately needed friends to escape the wrath of her brother, Billy. Luckily, Mike was able to look past their differences and accept her, but needless to say, the whole situation had viewers scratching their heads.

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Reunited And It Feels So Good... For Mike, At Least

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Though opinions remain pretty split on Mike and Eleven's relationship, seeing them reunite is always a sweet moment. Particularly when the two lovingly embrace in the airport as they kick off spring break, although Will wasn't as thrilled about the wasted break.

The best part about this meme is the double entendre, with fans wondering if Will's tears are a symbol of viewers' happy tears or if it's a direct reference to Will's jealousy and sadness. Fans remain stuck between a rock and a hard place, wondering if they should root for Mike and El or for Will, the underdog and third wheel of the relationship.

Mike And Hopper's Rivalry Is... Interesting

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Though everyone knows Hopper can be difficult to deal with, some fans believe that Mike takes things too far with him. One would think that Mike would want to impress Hopper and win him over if he really loves El, but the two got off to a rocky start and things haven't really de-escalated since.

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In addition to the two getting off on the wrong foot, Mike would purposely provoke a rise out of Hopper and would even get physical with him at times. Fans do wish Mike would be a little easier on Hopper, but viewers believe that their many similarities may be what bonds them someday.

MikeHas A Way With Words... Except With El

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Fans of the show know that Mike is generally a boy of many iconic quotes, however, when it's time for him to explicitly express his romantic feelings toward Eleven, he oddly enough holds back. Many viewers believe that his tough exterior is a false sense of security and he might actually be shy around El, the only girl he's ever felt something for.

Though their communication skills have only gotten better as they've gotten older, Mike still has quite a bit of work to do. From giving her compliments to apologizing, fans can agree that Eleven has been great for him in order to grow and put his pride aside.

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Mike Wants To Play D&D With Someone Other Than Will

This meme refers to season 3 whenWill and Mike got into a fight over the time that they just didn't have time for one another anymore. With his blossoming relationship with Eleven, it just didn't seem like Mike had time anymore to play anymore.


However, despite Will asking constantly to play and the boys refusing, this meme imagines the look on Will face when he discovered Mike, Dustin and Lucas were contemplating joining the D&D club. He might not intend to do it, but Mike doesn't seem to realize that excluding peoplecan hurt others.

Mike Shows Love In Non-Typical Ways

Though it's an ongoing frustrating plot point that Mike is incapable of saying "I love you" to Eleven, fans know deep down he truly cares just by his actions. Fans are understanding of El's point of view, however, it's quite clear how much Mike loves her by the way he consistently brags about her and brings her up with his friends.

It's undeniable that Mike could be better at expressing his feelings with more words of affirmation, but even fans agree that most of his efforts go unseen. However, viewers have no doubt that Mike will inevitably mature and grow to the point of being transparent and honest with El.

Mike Isn't Too Inclusive

Though it's understandable that Mike and Eleven want some alone time after living in separate places for a good bit, many fans felt bad for Will, as they could tell he missed Mike, too. Given the fact that Mike was more eager to spend time with El than Will, some viewers even believe that the two aren't real friends.

Although it's still up in the air whether Will is jealous because he wants time with his best friends or if he wants him romantically, it's undeniable that Mikeshould have paid more attention to Will too, considering he also moved away with Eleven. Even though it's a different type of relationship, both need to be attended to in order to prosper.

Mike Is A Deliberate Menace To Hopper

It's obvious by now that Hopper and Mike don't exactly get along, however, fans thought this particular storyline crossed the line on Mike's part. Though many viewers believe Hopper can be overprotective and controlling, fans were actually on Hopper's side when they observed Mike's blatant disrespect toward Hopper's house rules.

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When Hopper was just trying to be a good guardian and have a mature conversation with the two, Mike continued to taunt him and make fun of him, forcing Hopper to go to plan Bby kicking Mike out of the house and threatening him. Not the best move on Hopper's part, but it was effective in getting Mike to understand that Hopper means business.

Mike Doesn't Have A Penny To His Name, But He Tries For El

Although Mike shouldn't have lied to Eleven, this interaction showed El the lengths Mike would have gone to in order for her to forgive him. He didn't have much money, but he still attempted to buy Eleven a gift to say "I'm sorry," thanks to Lucas' advice.

Unfortunately, though, it wasn't about the money, it was about him lying in the first place, which caused El to break up with him anyway. Mike's plan backfired, but thankfully, Eleven eventually came around to his efforts.

In Case It Wasn't Already Obvious... Mike And Hopper Still Hate Each Other

Though season 3 Hopper was already quite intimidating, the earlier version has nothing on season 4 Hopper. As a result of the Russians kidnapping Hopper, the former police officer has since gotten a lot angrier and intimidating.


Though fans haven't seen the rest of season 4 play out yet, viewers are definitely interested to see how Mike and Hopper interact and if they can even come together to defeat Vecna. As this meme suggests, Mike might be in for a rude awakening once he realizes that he is back.

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What is Mike from Stranger Things personality? ›

But Eleven seems to be in danger herself, and as Mike's bond with her grows, he wants what's best for her, too. Personality... smart, loyal, and resourceful. It would be hard to find a better friend than Mike. Like any kid, he sometimes gets into arguments, but he's quick to forgive.

Did Mike know Will was crying? ›

Stranger Things season 4, volume 2 features a heartbreaking scene with a crying Will Byers and an utterly, yet understandably, oblivious Mike Wheeler.

Is Mike stranger the main character? ›

Michael "Mike" Wheeler is a fictional character from the Netflix science fiction horror series Stranger Things. He is one of the central characters in the series, acting as the leader of the main group of kids. Mike is portrayed by Finn Wolfhard.

Why was Will crying in the car with Mike? ›

Will was indirectly telling Mike that he was gay and it was actually him who felt like the "mistake" for being different. Fans took to Twitter to share their heartbreak at this emotional moment.

Will Byers has a crush on Mike? ›

In season four, a new aspect of Will emerged more fully; the teenager from Hawkins appeared to have a crush on his friend Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard), and now Noah is confirming that Will is indeed gay and in love with Mike.

Will Byers is inlove with Mike? ›

Speaking about Will, actor Schnapp confirmed to Variety: "Now it's 100 percent clear that he is gay and he does love Mike.

Why does Will touch his neck? ›

In previous seasons, Will touching his neck always implied that something bad was going to happen. Because he was possessed by the Mind Flayer in Season 2, he could feel the various evil creatures -- almost like his "spidey sense" for something Upside Down-related.

Why did Will Cry in the van? ›

“When you're different, sometimes you feel like a mistake,” he says. The tears afterwards suggest he was pouring his heart out, coming closer than ever before to reveal he's gay and has feelings for his friend.

Why is Will Byers crying? ›

It seems like the younger Byers brother has been feeling especially lonely and isolated over the past year, which could explain his tears in episode 8.

Who is Will Byers boyfriend? ›

In a new interview Variety, Noah has confirmed that Will is gay, and that he is in love with Mike Wheeler. Opening up about portraying Will's journey in season 4, Noah told the publication: "I mean, it's pretty clear this season that Will has feelings for Mike.

How old is Mike s3? ›

Finn Wolfhard

Character's age: Mike, born in 1971, is 12 in Season 1, 13 in Season 2, and is 13 or 14 in Season 3.

Who is Will's brother? ›

Episodes. Jonathan Byers, portrayed by Charlie Heaton, is a main character in Stranger Things. He is the oldest son of Joyce Byers, the older brother of Will Byers, the eventual boyfriend of Nancy Wheeler, and the best friend of Argyle.

Why did Will Destroy Castle Byers? ›

Signs on the front read "Castle Byers", "Home of Will the wise" and "All friends welcome." Castle Byers was destroyed by Will in 1985 as a way to let go of his childhood memories.

Was Will confessing to Mike? ›

In the penultimate episode, Will semi-confessed his love in a speech where he reassured Mike that Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) still needs him. Will was speaking from Eleven's perspective, but as he broke down in tears, it was clear to the audience that he was talking about his own feelings for Mike.

Why did Mike move out of Hawkins? ›

The Byers' emigration from Hawkins at the end of Stranger Things season 3 was bittersweet, but it's also the only decision that makes sense in practical, character, and narrative terms. In Stranger Things season 4, it becomes clear that why the Byers left Hawkins was to start a new life in California.

Who does Will Byers have a crush on s4? ›

A week before the release of season 4, David Harbour and Finn Wolfhard appeared to confirm that Will has a crush on Mike. Now, Finn has discussed Will's affections for his best friend in a new interview, and it sounds like Volume 2 might dive deeper into Will's feelings.

Who is the girl flirting with Will Byers? ›

Shawnee Pourier in Stranger Things

She shows interest in Will and tries to flirt with him for a brief moment during Eleven's presentation in front of the class.

Who is Will Byers girlfriend? ›

He's one of the only characters on the show to never have a love interest and, unlike his best friends Mike, Dustin and Lucas, Will has never had a girlfriend.

Is Will Byers in love with El? ›

David says: "If you've been watching the show you should know that Will is not interested in El. He's interested in someone else in the group." Finn agrees by saying: "Yeah, you'll see soon... who he's interested in." and David then adds: "He's very interested."

Where does Will Byers love? ›

Season 4. Will now lives in Lenora, California with Joyce, Jonathan and Eleven, who is bullied by other students at her school. Mike comes to visit Eleven for spring break; Eleven claims she is living happily, but Will confronts her over her dishonesty.

Who is Will Byers best friend? ›

Stranger Things Season 3 was the point where the growing division between Will Byers and his best friend, Mike Wheeler, really began to show, especially in the third episode when the two fight after Mike and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) were more interested in their respective girlfriends than the Dungeons and Dragons ...

Why did the Mind Flayer choose Will? ›

It was likely because he wanted to use Will as bait to kill Eleven because he seemingly knew they'd run into her. The Mind Flayer could have taken anyone else (Except El) but he isn't stupid, he went for the easiest target to start his plan quickly.

Why did the Mind Flayer choose Billy? ›

It's probably safer to say that Billy was chosen as the Mind Flayer's first victim because of his fragile state of mind. He was constantly angry, overwhelmed by his abusive father, and became abusive himself in return.

When girls touch their neck? ›

It may just mean she feels anxious around you and wants to seek your approval. Body language expert Traci Brown says if a woman touches her own neck or the side of her Adam's apple, it may mean that she is “calling attention to a sensitive area—and lengthening it.” It's possibly another way of saying, “I'm sexy.”

Why was Will kept alive in the upside down? ›

With no way out, Will took shelter in the Upside Down's version of Castle Byers. As his strength grew weaker, the Demogorgon abducted Will while unconscious. His body was taken over by vines which could have been keeping him alive for the Demogorgon to feed on later, but he was soon rescued by Joyce and Hopper.

DID Will come out to Jonathan? ›

The second episode features an even more emotional moment: Jonathan telling Will that he loves and accepts him no matter what. It's a lovely scene and a lovely way to respond to your brother coming out. Only Will didn't come out.

Is Mind Flayer vecna? ›

Vecna revealed in season four, he was the one who created the Mind Flayer after Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) banished him to the Upside Down. All this time, the Mind Flayer was Vecna, who was using the entity to carry out his orders and speaking through the creature.

Is Will Byers adopted? ›

Just when you thought life couldn't get any worse for our adopted son Will Byers, Stranger Things 4 appears to have forgotten one very important detail about the character – and fans cannot cope. If you've watched the new season, you'll know that it takes place on Spring Break '86.

What did Will Byers spit out? ›

Joyce and Chief Hopper found an unconscious Will Byers strung up in the Upside Down version of the public library; he had a tendril in his mouth, extending through his trachea, and into his lungs. Hopper pulled it out of his throat before shooting and destroying it.

What does Will Byers dislike? ›

Following his possession by the Mind Flayer, Will developed an aversion to heat and became increasingly distressed by his connection with the entity.

Is Will Byers Lgbtq? ›

Noah Schnapp Confirms His Stranger Things Character Will Byers Is Gay. In a new interview, Schnapp cleared up any ambiguity about Will's sexuality and his feelings for Mike.

Is Will Byers in love with eleven? ›

Now actor Noah Schnapp, who plays Will, revealed to Variety that his character is indeed gay, and secretly has feelings for his best friend, Mike, who's in a relationship with Eleven.

Is Will Byers gas? ›

Yes, Will Byers is gay in Stranger Things.

How did 11 get her powers? ›

Psionics: Eleven was born with a vast array of preternatural abilities, acquired through a combination of inheritance and exposure to hallucinogenic drugs while in utero during her mother's time as an MKUltra test subject.

Is Zendaya in Stranger Things? ›

As much as we wanted to see the incredibly talented actress join the Stranger Things cast in the 5th and last season, it's simply not happening. Unfortunately, Zendaya won't show up in the 5th season.

How old are Natalia? ›

Is Will's hair a wig? ›

Noah Schnapp wore hair extensions for season two, because his natural hair was too short for Will's bowl cut look. Schnapp stars as Will Byers, and though his hair was cut into the iconic 80s bowl-cut for season two, he had to wear a wig in order to pull off the same look.

How did they find Will's body? ›

Will's “body” is actually pulled from the water in the third episode, “Chapter Three: Holly, Jolly,” but as much as the kids reacted as if it were real, it basically smells like a conspiracy from the word “go.”

Why was Will hugging Jonathan? ›

The scene ends with the two brothers embracing. Though the Byers have been distant for a while, physically holding each other here serves to solidify Jonathan's words to Will. Not only does he support him with his words, but by hugging him, he lets Will know he will always protect him.

What monster took Will Byers? ›

The friends and family of Will Byers, one of the Demogorgon's victims, slowly began to uncover the truth about the creature, with the help of the escaped Eleven. The creature was finally defeated in a showdown with Eleven at Hawkins Middle School.

Is Will Byers crush? ›

'Stranger Things' Has Always Had a Gay Character: Will Byers. Everything with Will's Season 3 storyline hits a little too... As it happens, Stranger Things Season 4 seems to not only confirm that Will is gay, but that he also has a very real crush on his long-time best friend Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard).

Why did Joyce get another phone? ›

Season one saw her completely frantic when she was looking for her son, Will Byers (Noach Schnapp). After hearing his voice on the phone, Joyce was forced to run to her local store and buy a number of phones to help her connect to him again.

Who is 11 in love with Stranger Things? ›

“There's an effort there [with] Mike and Eleven, because they're so in love and they love each other so much, and they've gone through so much together,” Wolfhard told Collider in April 2022 of his character's relationship with Eleven.

Did Mike ever tell Eleven he loves her? ›

Mike's speech to Eleven is powerful enough to spur Eleven to fight Vecna, with her regaining new confidence after Mike tells Eleven he loves her. This speech, while a key moment for the couple in Stranger Things, is like watching Will's worst nightmare.

Does Will love Eleven in Stranger Things 4? ›

Noah Schnapp has now confirmed that Will is gay and in love with Mike. Noah Schnapp as Will Byers and Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things season 4. Noah confirmed that Will is in love with his best friend Mike Wheeler, played by Finn Wolfhard, but doesn't want to hurt Eleven's feelings by confessing it.

Why does 11 live with Will? ›

Since the beginning of season two, Hopper has acted as a father to Eleven, looking after her following her destruction of the Demogorgon. As a result of his death at the end of the series, Eleven appears to have moved in with the Byers family.

Is Will evil a stranger thing? ›

In the bonus companion Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down, Will's D&D profile confirms he is True Neutral, and a magic user, like Vecna.

Where did Joyce get $40000 Stranger Things? ›

The package is signed “Enzo,” the name of the restaurant where Joyce and Hopper had their “date” last season on Stranger Things. Joyce receives the package in Episode 1 of Stranger Things 4, taking the message as a sign—that Hopper is still alive, in Russia, and reaching out for help.

Who has the best personality in Stranger Things? ›

Coming in at number one on the list is the incredible Jim Hopper, played by David Harbour. He is the chief of police in Hawkins and, more importantly, an amazing father figure and guardian to Eleven. He loves her like his own and makes sure she has a safe and normal life, considering her circumstances.

Why is Mike a good character Stranger Things? ›

He was one of the best characters in season 1 and 2. He was brave, and a good friend, and he cared about the people around him. He was super sweet and nice.

Who is the most intelligent character in Stranger Things? ›

RELATED: 10 Most Expensive TV Series Ever MadeThough he may drink too much and often act irrationally, Hopper is one of the most intelligent men in Hawkins. He discovered the truth about Hawkins Lab, has helped Eleven continually evade the US Government and was the first to realize something was wrong in season two.

Do people like Mike from Stranger Things? ›

Many viewers love Finn Wolfhard's character and his relationship with El and the rest of our Hawkins faves. However, other people aren't as fond of him. In recent seasons of the show, Mike has neglected his friendship with Will and has also been pretty clueless to Will's struggles with his sexuality.

Who is the least liked Stranger Things character? ›

More commonly known as "Papa" to Eleven, Dr. Brenner is inarguably the most detestable character in "Stranger Things." While most human characters in the series are not outright villains, there's no doubt that Dr. Brenner's intentions are wholly malicious.

Who is the biggest villain in Stranger Things? ›

Demogorgon - Season One/Three/Four

Demogorgons are not just one of the scariest Stranger Things villains, but they're also one of the most original, terrifying creatures ever to be seen on TV screens. They did kill Barb, though, so fans won't be happy until they're all dead.

Who is the scariest in Stranger Things? ›

The Duffer Brothers have returned with full power, given how, with the fourth season, they've introduced us to the most terrifying monster yet: Vecna / One /Henry Creel (played by Jamie Campbell Bower).

Who is the most fan Favourite character in Stranger Things? ›

Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) has enjoyed the best arc of any character on the show. First introduced as a popular bully, his relationship with Nancy (Natalia Dyer) gave him some perspective. His newfound friendships with Dustin and Robin turned him into one of the kindest, funniest characters in Stranger Things.

Who is the strongest Stranger Things character? ›

Clearly, at least throughout the series thus far, the Mind Flayer is the most powerful Stranger Things character (or being) by a long shot. While it's hard to know where Vecna ends and the Mind Flayer begins, there is one serious advantage that the Flayer has over the artist formerly known as Henry Creel.

Who is the tallest Stranger Things kid? ›

According to Starsgab, Gaten stands at 5 feet 5 inches tall. He is the shortest male cast member in the main Stranger Things kids cast (Finn, Millie, Caleb, Noah, Gaten, and Sadie). Finn is the tallest cast member out of the group, standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall. Next up is Noah, standing at 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Who is stronger 11 or 1 Stranger Things? ›

Eventually, Eleven was able to banish Henry to the Upside Down (where he became Vecna), but it was very clear that Henry had been inherently stronger than Eleven.

Who is stronger number 1 or 11 Stranger Things? ›

Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) is the most gifted test subject at the Hawkins Lab, and most likely the most powerful character on "Stranger Things." She possesses strong telekinetic abilities, telepathy, and remote viewing capabilities, and is able to use sensory deprivation to locate nearly anyone in the world.

Who's Will Byers crush? ›

A week before the release of season 4, David Harbour and Finn Wolfhard appeared to confirm that Will has a crush on Mike. Now, Finn has discussed Will's affections for his best friend in a new interview, and it sounds like Volume 2 might dive deeper into Will's feelings.

Is Mike stranger older than Will? ›

Finn Wolfhard is 19 years old in real life but portrays 15-year-old Mike Wheeler on the show. He was cast on Stranger Things at the age of 13. Noah Schnapp who plays 15-year-old Will Byers is just 17 years old in real life, making him the youngest member of the main Stranger Things squad.


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